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Google Invisible reCaptcha

Magento Versions: 2.3x 2.4x

reCaptcha V2

reCaptcha v2 reveals bots by asking users to tick the ‘I am not a robot’ checkbox or solve an image recognition task. You can configure the security preference setting from ‘easiest for users’ to ‘most secure’ to define how often challenge solving will be required.




reCaptcha V3

reCaptcha v3 returns the score of each request based on user behavior. The lower the score, the more likely a user will be indicated as a bot and get a notification about it. You can set the score acceptable for your store and custom error message in the configuration of the extension.

Improve your website user experience

Make your visitors satisfied with their shopping experience and protect forms on your website with Invisible reCaptcha. By setting up a captcha score, the store admin can precisely define requests that will be considered suspicious. This way, the real shoppers won't need to solve any tests when browsing your store.

Show reCaptcha only for guest users

Most customers find reCaptcha annoying. Don't try the patience of your registered clients and display a captcha only for guest visitors. This will help you to take up two challenges at once: you'll protect your store website and won't lose customers. Also, you can make up an IP whitelist to mark specific traffic as trustworthy. Invisible Captcha will be disabled for the IP addresses specified in the list.

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