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Advanced Permissions

Magento Versions: 2.3x 2.4x

Flexibly Adjust Access Settings

Limit access by store view/website

With the Magento 2 Advanced Permissions, you can allow or restrict the actions of sub-admin users by store-view and/or website. You can enable/disable the following actions:

  • Edit products and categories
  • Manage orders and configuration
  • Manage customers for selected store-view or website

Define roles that can be assigned

With the module, you can let the existing admin users create new ones and limit their ability to assign user roles in Magento 2.

Improve product management

The Magento 2 Advanced Permissions Module enables you, as a super-admin, to choose which products and from which categories can be edited depending on the store view/website level. Also, you can set more specific limitations according to your security policy needs:

  • Assign certain products to particular admin users
  • View and edit the products created by any user
  • Prevent products from being deleted
  • Allow managers to view product owners
  • Allow/disallow admins to edit product owners

Change product owner

Within the default Magento functionality, once an admin user creates a product, he/she automatically becomes the product owner. With the extension, the super-admin can easily control and manage product affiliation: all that is needed is to change a product owner right on the corresponding product page.

Lock access to CMS tabs

With Magento 2 user permissions tool you can easily restrict access to particular CMS elements for different admin roles. Limit the availability to edit and delete CMS pages, blocks and widgets by restricting the visibility on a webstore/store view level.

Adjust category management

Set category permissions to let specific Magento 2 admin users manage only particular categories. The feature is extremely useful in cases you have managers who are responsible for particular categories. For example, you can configure the Magento user permissions so that the user can see all the store categories, but will be able to edit only specific ones.

Limit access to particular product attributes

Besides limiting the access on a category level, the Advanced Permissions for Magento 2 extension allows you to limit access to attributes for certain user roles. Moreover, you can specify the desired list of attributes available for each role and allow/disallow the access.

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